3 Tips for Taking Advantage of Plumbing Inspections

Plumber Inspection

Use These 3 Tips to Get More Out of Your Regular Plumbing Inspections and Enjoy the Savings!

Are you a savvy homeowner? Then we have the perfect, untapped resource for planning ahead and potentially saving thousands of dollars: plumbing inspections. Most homeowners have no idea how how or when to use them. Here are three expert tips to help you take advantage of your next inspection.

Expert Tip #1: Exploit Your Serviceman’s Expertise.

Your inspector is the ultimate untapped knowledge source for the crafty consumer. Think about it: you already have a trained, certified, and experienced plumbing professional in your home. Why not take advantage of their expertise? Start asking questions about potential upgrades and upcoming repairs for your home. This way, you can start planning ahead and saving for water and energy-efficient fixtures, years in advance.

Expert Tip #2: Schedule Often; Don’t Wait for an Emergency.

How many Americans delay or indefinitely postpone their inspections until a plumbing emergency pops up? Too many. The smart consumer knows that inspections are preventative tools, not reactive. Start scheduling your plumbing inspection at least once a year, especially if your plumber offers them for free. You’ll avoid more major repairs this way, and prevent emergency repairs from diving into your pocketbook.

Expert Tip #3: Save Big With Second Opinions.

Have you ever had a repairman recommend an expensive replacement, only to have a second expert fix the problem with simple repairs? You’d be surprised how often it happens! If you think a plumber might be trying to take advantage of you, simply schedule a second inspection with a trusted plumber. You may find yourself saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Take these tips and become an even smarter homeowner! Tell us below if you’ve ever experienced a “big savings” moment by getting a second opinion. For questions about your plumbing, or to schedule one of our plumbing inspections, give our team a call at(310) 454-2010.