Some Tips for Winter Plumbing Care

The winter is a holiday season. It’s a time for family, friends, and fun, not plumbing problems. Unfortunately, the holidays and winter can be hard on your home’s plumbing. Stay educated on how to protect your plumbing system. Follow some tips for winter plumbing care.


Mother and Daughter Baking Xmas Cookies

Some Tips for Winter Plumbing Care

If your big holiday calls for a lot of kitchen use, make some rules to protect your kitchen plumbing. A lot of grease and other foods will find their way down the drain if you’re not careful. Your disposal may be working overtime, too. Scrape before you rinse, and make sure you have a drain cover. Only put foods down the disposal that you know it can handle–never bones, eggshells, stringy foods, etc.


Your bathroom drains clog as a result of hair, soap, and more. Having family over during the holidays may only speed this up. Help people in your home remember not to flush materials down the toilet. Make sure there is a sizable trash can nearby to help. Clean out the sink and shower, and remove easy-to-reach excess hair. Ask your family members to wait a few minutes between showers.

Freezing Pipes

Pipe freezing is also a potential problem in some areas. If this is a risk for you, take precautions by opening areas that contain your water pipes to the warm air of your home. Let the water drip overnight, if necessary. Insulate your pipes with foam, or heat tape. If your pipes have already frozen, warm the frozen areas gently with a hair dryer, or heat tape. Warm the room they are in with a space heater.

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