Avoid Plumbing Troubles During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for lots of holiday parties! The last thing you want is to have one of your parties interrupted by plumbing problems. Here are some ways to prevent trouble so your holiday season go smoothly.

large kitchen

Have a trash can set up where it is clearly visible so your guests have a place to throw away any scraps of food, napkins, and plastic ware. If you are using plates and silverware, have a basket or storage container set out for dirty dishes to be placed in. This prevents food and eating utensils from being dumped into the sink where it could accidentally end up in the drain and caught in the disposal.

Kitchen waste disposals aren’t meant to break down large pieces of food, bone, or metal so items becoming trap in it while the motor is running could result in the disposal breaking. To help keep the disposal clear, run cold water in the sink before and after using it to rinse the sink and drain of debris.

When you cook with oil, you’ll want to drain it into either the trash or a small container to throw out after the oil solidifies. Draining the oil into the sink, even with hot water running, risks the change of oil solidifying in the pipeline. This can cause the pipe to clog and overflow.

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