5 Things You Should Never Throw in the Garbage Disposal

Keep your garbage disposal in top shape with these tips! While you might think that your garbage disposal can shred anything, this is not the case. Throw these items in the trash or compost instead to avoid the need for garbage disposal repairs.


garbage disposal repairIt’s a common household myth that eggshells are okay to put down the disposal. In reality, eggshells can cause multiple problems. The slimy membrane will coat the garbage disposal blades, causing them to lose their sharpness. Meanwhile, the shell itself can only be ground into sand-like granules which can build up and clog your drain over time.

Oil and Grease

Like the eggshell membrane, oil and grease coat your garbage disposal blades and dull them. Grease also poses a clog threat, since it will harden into a solid mass in your cold pipes. Avoid a smelly, nasty clog and throw these items away instead.

Fruit Pits

If you’ve ever accidentally bit into a cherry pit, you know it’s hard as a rock. Even the most powerful garbage disposals will not be able to break apart pits from avocados, peaches, plums, and similar fruits. Do not try to grind them up or you could seriously damage your garbage disposal.

Extremely Fibrous Foods

While some very powerful garbage disposals may be able to break down tough, fibrous foods, it’s best to not risk it. Your disposal will have to work extremely hard to break down foods such as raw sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and similar veggies. Compost them instead!

Non-Food Items

Your disposal was designed to shred food into tiny pieces so it can pass easily through your pipes. However, small bits of non-food items can cause trouble in your pipes, even if they seem harmless. Plant clippings, twist ties, plastic bags, cat litter, soil, and other items should go in the trash.

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