Garbage Disposal Repair in West LA

Garbage Disposal RepairYour kitchen garbage disposal can cause a lot of problems if it is not used properly. Disposals are meant to handle large amounts of food or other substances and overloading it with this kind of debris can wear out the motor quicker or cause clogs to build up in the drain pipe. If you are looking for garbage disposal repair in West LA or Beverly Hills, call us today (310) 454-2010. All of our plumbers are highly trained to deal with any kind of plumbing issue and we strive for honest and affordable services so our customers have a reliable source for every plumbing complication or project they have.

Replacing a Garbage Disposal

Typically, a repair inside the disposal or cleaning the drain pipe is all that is necessary to get your kitchen sink back in working order. However, if the disposal has recurring problems with clogs or you keep having to reset it, it may be time for an upgrade. As the garbage disposal ages, the motor can wear down and the blades can dull. These will increase the run time necessary to break up the debris in the drain, and can cause build-up in the pipeline. Is your garbage disposal not running as efficiently as it used to? Give us a call and we will have one of our plumbing professionals come out and help determine the best solution to deal with the problem. On some rare occasions, it will be cheaper to replace the garbage disposal than make repairs. This is usually recommended for garbage disposals that need constant repairs to work properly.

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